how does it work?

Judith (Judy) Blanton, Ph.D., ABPP provides “shadow consultation” to a limited number of consultants and coaches who would like to develop or hone their skills and improve their practice.

She typically meets with the individual via phone and/or internet to address her client’s unique concerns and needs. In-person sessions are arranged whenever possible.  Meetings vary in frequency with the need of the individual. This frequently involves monthly sessions for an hour but meetings may be more or less often as determined by the needs of the coachee. In these sessions, Judy provides a opportunity for practitioners to discuss their work in depth with an experienced consulting psychologist or to obtain specific advice or counsel about an issue. This is a highly individualized process that can involve theoretical or ethical discussions or very practical advice.  For example, the coach or consultant might bring up questions related to a client or project that he or she is planning, working on, or wanting to debrief. As appropriate, Judy might provide practical guidance on developing a proposal or budget, making a presentation to a prospective client or dealing with a difficult client. Because she is a voracious reader, Judy can also provide current information on relevant research, materials, or readings that can enrich the consultant’s practice.